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Silicon Valley ARC Medical Cannabis Cooperative

Silicon Valley ARC was founded in 2009 with the realization that Silicon Valley was in need of a medical cannabis cooperative that provided more than just somewhere to pick up a patient’s medicine, but somewhere to gain knowledge on a larger holistic awareness, and as a place for patients and advocates to trade ideas. As a California Consumer Cooperative, Silicon Valley ARC acts in full compliancy with Proposition 215, Senate Bill 420, and CA H&S Code 11362.5. Furthermore, Silicon Valley ARC continues to work with the City of San Jose to create an ordinance for the proper regulation of medical cannabis.

Leading the Way

Silicon Valley ARC looks to become a template for what a well run, well regulated, and well intentioned medical cannabis dispensary looks like. We believe that cannabis should be but one part of a larger medicinal awareness. We look to help educate people through specialized reading rooms on alternative medicines, and create an environment where a patient can feel comfortable in coming to pick up the medicine they need. At the same time, we believe the experience should be enjoyable and so have decided to offer free live music, chess, and other activities for the betterment of the collective members.

With the laws regarding the decriminalization of marijuana passed in California, San Jose Cannabis Clubs have helped patients treat numerous conditions such as glaucoma, AIDS or cancer. The legality of medical cannabis will be an ongoing debate, and here are some basic pros and cons to consider: Cons: Marijuana is considered as a controlled substance or illegal drug. Concerns regarding its addictive nature and its potentially dangerous... Read More
  Don't forget -- We now have a mobile phone compatible website.  Just type in from any mobile device! 2014 HOLIDAY HOURS: 11/27/2014 -- Closed for Thanksgiving 12/25/2014 -- CLOSED 12/31/2014 -- 12pm - 8pm 1/1/2014 -- 12pm - 8pm     October 27, 2011 I want to thank everyone who has helped to make this referendum campaign a successful one.  In a little over 30 days, we were able to raise over $... Read More

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