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Here's a selection of patient reviews from our Yelp profile. Come and visit us to see what all the buzz is about!

"...they've got great concentrates selection, but the only problem is that they'll sell out quick!The people that work here are top notch, you can ask any questions that you want to and they're always happy to answer them as best they can..." 3/6/2014

"Clean concentrates and friendly budtenders, if you are that dab life then you need to be here..." 5/19/2014

"..the budtenders here all top notch, they know their product selection up and down the line. Ask them anything! This has been one of my go to clubs for the past couple of years..." 5/23/2013

" 5 gold stars for you ARC I love you guys you are the best cannabis club in the south bay by far. Great hours of operation, fresh medicine for all budgets, high quality concentrates, good selection of edibles, great clones, and a very chill location/building. What more can I say. The staff is great. ARC keeps it lit!" 1/10/2013

"I've been to many dispensaries trying to find the one that hits all marks. ARC and it's new, easy to get to location- a quick clip off of 101 takes pride in their strains, knowledge, discreet professionalism in a new office building/ location. Cool, happy staff and serious deals on killer flowers etc..." 2/18/2013

"...they have a range of recession flowers to the top shelf stuff that is straight fire. Love their top shelf Blue Dream strain..." 2/26/2013

"The best dispensary for wax, hands down. It's cheap on waxy Monday Wednesday and Saturdays The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the decor is beautiful. They have great products and always have cookies and coffee." 2/12/2013

"I see ARC is a specialty club. They don't have the large variety of selections that all the other high end clubs have, but what they do have will never let you down. I'm more of a dabber myself and ARC carries wax, shatter, and budder products from the big name guys at amazing prices..." 11/29/2013

"This place is super classy and their bud is high quality. Even their mid grade strains smoke like top shelf weed. there prices are reasonable and they even have free cookies and other refreshments. i will definitely keep coming back for more." 6/5/2013

"...when i bought a OZ. of sour D. and there was a 3.0g nug that was completely burnt (too close to a light). So i called they told me to bring it back down. And replaced it with a full eighth of top shelf. Which just shows you how awesome of a club it is..." 9/18/2012

"This place is my go to for quality medicine. The staff is really nice and informative and the variety of medication is a major plus. They keep the online menu up to date too which is super important since I drive 45 minutes to get there..." 9/19/2012

"The safest and cleanest dispensary I have been to. In a pretty good neighborhood. Both the waiting room and the actual dispensary are clean and modern, the receptionist and tenders are very professional, and they all know their stuff. The selection is good, plenty of different strains as well as a bunch of edibles..." 9/25/2012

"This place is one of my favorites in the South Bay. Great customer service (my budtender really hooked me up on my first visit... East Coast Sour Diesel!), and relaxed atmosphere. I honestly don't go to storefront dispensaries that much (tend to go delivery these days), but when I do, this is one of the ones that I hit up..." 2/7/2011

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