Welcome! We are happy that you are interested in becoming a member of Silicon Valley ARC. ARC looks to become a template for medical cannabis cooperatives in Silicon Valley.

We hope to provide our patients with top quality medicine and service and want to help provide a pleasant holistic approach to one’s well-being. Silicon Valley ARC has a goal to give the best service to its patients and become a positive influence in the Silicon Valley Community.

To become a member of Silicon Valley ARC you must:

  • Be a resident of California.
  • Have your ORIGINAL up to date Doctor’s Recommendation.
  • Have your valid CA driver’s license or Identification

Cultivator Members

As a member of Silicon Valley ARC, you have the ability to cultivate on behalf of other members of the Cooperative. Please call us at (408) 642-1089 to set up an appointment with one of our staff. We typically offer Sundays to meet with potential cultivator members, from 2pm-7pm. Thank you.

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