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11/27/2014 -- Closed for Thanksgiving

12/25/2014 -- CLOSED

12/31/2014 -- 12pm - 8pm

1/1/2014 -- 12pm - 8pm



October 27, 2011

I want to thank everyone who has helped to make this referendum campaign a successful one.  In a little over 30 days, we were able to raise over $200,000 and obtain almost 50,000 signatures!  That is remarkable in such a short time frame, and it was YOUR help that made it possible.  Hold on to those posters, because some day they will be prohibition collectors items!

August 12, 2011

Please join us to help clean up the Guadalupe Creek on August 28, 2011 (Sunday) from 10am-2pm.  The first 50 slots filled up will earn a yummy goody bag from ARC for a few hours worked.  Supporters include Big Pete's Treats, Bhang Chocolates, Kannaroo Kitchen, and Kind Medicine (ie Kind Caps)!  We thank everyone in advance for all the help.

Again, make sure you head into ARC to sign up today!!


July 8, 2011

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Fourth of July weekend.  I wanted to apologize to everyone who came on Monday only to find out we were closed for the Holiday.  While we mentioned below the deals for this past weekend, I failed to mention we would close on Monday.  Sorry!

On another note, please be aware that we are providing additional member services, gratis, to all our patients.  On July 12th from 12-2pm we will be offering FREE massage therapy to anyone who signs up.  Please ask your budtender for more information.  We will also be bringing back grow classes, offering yoga, chiropractic consultations, and peer counseling groups.  

If you have any suggestions for other services we should provide, please email us at  Stay tuned to changes on our website for more information!!



July 2nd, 2011 - Double Stamps!

All patients recieve double loyalty card stamps on all purchases!


July 3rd, 2011 - 3 for the price of 2!

Buy any (2) four dose Big Pete's Treats or Kannaroo edibles and get one free!




April 18, 2011

Hello Community!  We hope you are getting as excited for 4/20 as we are!  To start, here is a list of what's going on for the day:

Operating Hours : 11am-9pm

Music: From 6pm-8pm come check out our beat-boxin cellist, Cello Joe (!

Food: We'll have some snacks out for your enjoyment throughout the day.

Edibles Vendors: Big Pete, Yak, and Shaman Healers will be stopping by to show off their products and (possibly) have some free samples.  ARC will be discounting all of their edibles for the day :)

Dried Flowers: We will have Celebration Pricing for all our flowers, from Eighths through Ounces!

4/20 Raffle: Aside from our weekly raffle, we will be raffling off lots of cool stuff, including Sharks Jerseys (we couldn't get tickets in time), a vaporizer, bong, pipes, and T-Shirts.  Each 1/4 Ounce donation on 4/20 will earn you ONE ticket.  We will draw the numbers on 4/21 and you will be notified if you're a winner!  I will ALSO post the winning numbers HERE, just in case.

"Wheel of Fortune" : Every 1/2 Ounce gets you ONE spin on our Wheel of Fortune!  If you get an ounce, you can either a) spin twice, or b) double-down on your first prize!  Sorry, you need to come in to see what you can win!!

Sorry, no onsite consumption for the day :(


March 9, 2011

Best of SiliconValley 2011I just wanted to send out this quick note thanking everyone for voting ARC Healing Center #2 in this years Metro's Best Of!!  We are all VERY excited about this!!!





February 28, 2011


Hello Community:

Unfortunately, the day has arrived.  In a true “cart before the horse” maneuver, San Jose has decided to implement its Marijuana Business Tax, a special use tax of 7.00% on all cannabis transactions.  While, generally, I am in favor of such a tax, since it is part of our responsibility to help insure the safety of the community and San Jose is a good community, forcing a collective to pay such a tax when the City hasn’t even acknowledged us as a legitimate business is very disconcerting.  But the Council has spoken, and we must comply if ARC is to have longevity. 

What does this mean for you?  We will be incorporating slight increases in our pricing structure to offset a portion of the new tax.  Eighths will go up by three dollars, and there will be a moderate increase in certain edibles (namely, the higher dosage types).  We decided not to push the entire 7% onto you because, frankly, you shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of it.  Hopefully, in time, we will be able to get things down to what they were before, and even lower over time.  Only time will tell…

Until then, we hope you stick with us in our fight towards legitimacy.


Yours Truly,

Hector Gonzalez



February 5, 2011


As many of you know, Proposition 215 was the turning point for cannabis in California. In 1996 Californians voted to de-criminalize cannabis for medicinal purposes. To celebrate this pivotal moment in California history, ARC is offering special prices on all flowers in stock on Feburary 15th!


$5 off ALL eighths

$10 off ALL Quarters

$20 off ALL 1/2 Ounces

$40 off ALL Ounces


We hope to offer this small token of appreciation to all who worked to pass, uphold, and push forward the end of cannabis prohibition!


January 22, 2010

Well, given the uncertain circumstance that medical cannabis seems to be facing here in the South Bay, we didn't want to have a huge dog n pony show for our one year anniversary.  It's been a tough fight here in San Jose, even if it doesn't seem like it, given the rush of new clubs to hit our area over the past twelve months.  But to those of us that have been working towards getting sensible regulations passed, trying to show cannabis in the light it deserves, and being good neighbors, the path towards legitimacy continues.  Now's the time we all need to come together to make sure that Safe Access continues...for all of us.  

BUT, I do want to send another thank you out to all of you who have helped make ARC what we are.  We have lots of exciting changes coming up in 2011, including a possible new location (don't worry, we'll make sure we stay close by), more community outreach programs, and a really, just taking what a collective can be to a new level. Let's make 2011 a great one!

Hector Gonzalez - President


December 24, 2010

Hello Community,

I wanted to send out a message as 2010 nears its finish and thank everyone so very much for the support you've shown as part of this collective.  During a time when uncertainty looms everywhere in the medical cannabis culture here in Santa Clara County, I must say it has been reassuring to see that patients can come together and work towards bringing this industry into legitimacy.  When I first decided to start ARC Healing Center, it was with the sole goal of creating a place that would allow for the open conversation of medicinal cannabis, the political and cultural development of this industry, and really, just a place for patients to feel comfortable.  Now, almost twelve months later, we continue on a path to legitimize our place in our own community.  And while we as cannabis patients fear prosecution for helping each other, I would be lying if I didn't rejoice in the beauty of the community created by ARC members.  It may be our staff that works to keep ARC open, it is YOU that makes ARC what it is.  Positive energy is contagious, and addictive.  Your positive energy fills our walls, and spreads into the rest.  Thank you.

Hector Gonzalez - President


November 12, 2010


For the past week, cannabis has been under siege in Santa Clara County.  A series of raids has been undertaken against collectives in San Jose, and we are looking for help from our patients to stop these actions.  In a week, there will be a Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors meeting at which we NEED YOUR HELP!  Come and show your support of safe access in Santa Clara County.  If you are a patient, speak your mind.  Tell the Supervisors why you need their help to get your medicine; tell them to stop-these-raids.

What:   Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors Meeting

Where:70 West Hedding Street, San Jose

When: November 23, 2010 @ 9:00AM

Why:    To protect your rights!


November 6, 2010

Please join ARC Healing Center at the upcoming meeting for Silicon Valley American's for Safe Access.  We will be discussing the recent raids on San Jose collectives, patients rights, and political activism.  Special guests will include Don Duncan, Chief Counsel for American's for Safe Access.  If you want to know what's really going on, you will NOT want to miss this.

When: Tuesday November 9, 2010, 7:00pm

Where: Med-Ex Collective.  2000 Senter Road, San Jose, CA

Why: Because you need to be aware of your rights.

Now is the time for patients to stand up for ALL our rights!


As I sit here at four in the morning, starting to write this first of hopefully many blogs, I find myself reflecting on the roller coaster ride that has been medical cannabis in the City of San Jose. 

In late October of 2009, when there was only one collective operating in San Jose (and two in Silicon Valley), I had the opportunity to sit down with Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio.  US Attorney General Eric Holder had just put out “The Memo”.  At the time, I was simply looking to get some feedback from a representative of the San Jose community as to the openness (or reluctance) for medical cannabis collectives within the City.  The Councilmember was already considering the possibility of the use, and so I figured we were probably on to something…

Fast-forward ten months, over half a dozen council and committee meetings later, and countless internal discussions regarding proper regulation.  And where are we?  Well, past first base but a long way from home.  But with the proverbial train having left the station, regulations will, at the end of the day, be put in place. The real question, though, is whether these regulations will be sensible?  If it is any indication, the only true decisions by council to date have been to put an “up to” 10% tax on medical cannabis on the November ballot.  This, unfortunately, is a far cry from the 3% tax originally recommended by Councilman Oliverio back in October of 2009.  It is also unlikely that any other decisions will be made until 2011, leaving the proliferation of dispensaries up to ones ability to rent a space from a Landlord (or, a house in some cases).  And as this growth continues, I fear as unregulated operators look away from State Law and towards a purely profiteering mentality.  Add in increased competition amongst many under-capitalized collectives, and we are slowly finding ourselves in a precarious situation.  The old saying, “A few bad apples can ruin the bunch” may show itself for us.

It will continue to be the mission of ARC Healing Center to show how a Collective can positively integrate into a neighborhood fabric, and in doing so indicate social responsibility. 

Stay tuned…

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