Pros and Cons of Legalized Medical Marijuana:

With the laws regarding the decriminalization of marijuana passed in California, San Jose Cannabis Clubs have helped patients treat numerous conditions such as glaucoma, AIDS or cancer. The legality of medical cannabis will be an ongoing debate, and here are some basic pros and cons to consider:


  • Marijuana is considered as a controlled substance or illegal drug. Concerns regarding its addictive nature and its potentially dangerous influence on human behavior led to its classification as an illegal drug. 
  • Marijuana is thought to be a “gateway drug”, a stepping stone for people en route to being introduced to more and more dangerous (and illegal) drugs.
  • Crime. Not only is there obvious crime associated with the trafficking of marijuana, but evidence suggests that a high percentage of those incarcerated for non-drug related activities are actually users of marijuana and other controlled substances.


  • The San Jose Cannabis Clubs have strict policies on the regulation of medical cannabis. This means that prescriptions are aimed to provide the proper dosage to maximize its effectiveness as a pain reliever and limit potential addiction.
  • Legalizing marijuana for medical purposes will lessen crime. People will no longer need to commit a crime to consume or distribute it.
  • Marijuana can work to alleviate pain and promote healing in ways that other treatment plans cannot. By making marijuana an option that doctors can use in treating their patients, they have an additional tool in making people feel better.

San Jose Cannabis Clubs are available to provide more information on the legalization of marijuana and any questions that you may have.

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