Weekly Raffle Details

Rules For Raffle:
Every Monday morning we will raffle off FOUR tickets. One ticket is earned with every eighth donation. For example, half an ounce will earn you four tickets. 

Ticket #1 -- Free top shelf eighth
Ticket #2 -- Free mid-grade eighth
Ticket #3 -- Revolving Item (t-shirt, gram, etc...)
Ticket #4 -- Revolving Item (t-shirt, gram, etc...)

If either of the two free eighths are not claimed, the amount for the following week will be increased by that eighth. For example, if no one claims the top-shelf eighth in week one, it will increase to a quarter of top-shelf flowers in week two. If no one claims the prize again, it will increase to three eighths! If no one claims a one OUNCE prize, it will revert back to an eighth of flowers.

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